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Well known in the Chicagoland area as "The place to go for compassionate care", Kryssage is a welcoming and warm healing center for anyone with issues ranging from IBS, Crohns and GERD to PCOS, Fibroids and Endometriosis.  Scar tissue is one of the biggest causes of pain and illness and is widely ignored.....NOT at Kryssage!


We have worked with 1000's of clients, who need help with the releasing of scar tissue-relieving chronic pain, preparing their bodies for IVF and IUI, often finding they no longer need to take that planned path of ART, once conceiving naturally after our fertility enhancement therapy.


Our detox therapies, while are a great benefit to anyone attempting to improve the bodies overall health, we also find them beneficial to those on medications, such as fertility enhancement drugs, that have harmful or uncomfortable side affects.


With our focus on improving your health through holistic health care,  we work closely with many members of the main stream medical field to give you the absolute best care possible. 

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Originally from beautiful Dublin, Ireland, Krysia Schwab has worked with thousands of clients over the past 20 years. Certified in many modalities such as massage, craniosacral and Reiki, Krysia is particularly passionate about abdominal work. Trained in Mayan Abdominal Massage and Visceral Therapy, Krysia has melded these therapies, along with craniosacral and Reiki, together to create a healing experience for every client. “I combine my knowledge of the human body with my intuition to get to the root of a problem,” Krysia shares. “As I work on a client, their body leads me with minute reactions that guide me to what their body needs.”

Many clients come to Krysia after decades of pain and years of trying countless other treatments or futile trips to different doctors. “We often find that it’s scar tissue that has been causing the problem and we work with that scar tissue until it’s released, and the client is pain-free,” says Krysia. “I’ve also worked with many women who are struggling with fertility or unsuccessful IVF treatments, and once we’ve released the restriction of blood flow caused by scar tissue, they’re able to get pregnant.”

Krysia gives her all to each client that walks through the doors at Kryssage Wellness—and she’s devoted to making sure every client feels heard, supported and cared for. When asked why she loves what she does, Krysia shared, “It is the most amazing job in the world to create a safe and secure space for people to open up and know they will be listened to and heard—and never judged.”

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Kara Kinsella Eadie, Manual therapist and Reiki energy therapist, moved back to Ireland in 2020 to continue her work with Kryssage Wellness there.  She has been practicing for over 20 years and has been working alongside Krysia for a decade, uses modalities such as Reflexology, Massage, Yoga, Reiki and Abdominal Therapy to treat her clients needs.  Passionate about Abdominal Therapy, Kara loves to work with women in healing their bodies of reproductive and digestive issues like ovarian cysts and fibroids, acid reflux, IBS and so much more. Deeply interested in nutrition and detoxifying the body, Kara shares her knowledge, experience and specialized treatments such as aromatherapy sauna sessions, Rife Therapy, Ionic Foot baths and hormone-balancing treatments like castor oil packs, vaginal steam baths and raindrop therapy.

Kara believes that healing starts within—and if the body is given the proper resources, such as uninhibited blood flow, the body will know what to do to heal. “It’s such an honor to be there for women as they travel through the stages of life,” Kara shares. “From helping a teenager deal with monthly cramps or irregular periods, holding the hand of a stressed-out IVF patient and helping her prepare her uterus for conception, to helping reduce or remove fibroids of a woman in menopause.”

As someone who’s struggled in the past with health pains and problems, Kara has learned how to utilize natural healing resources to compliment and empower allopathic medicine. Her knowledge and experience have kept her away from invasive procedures and synthetic drugs, which inspires her to share this knowledge with others.

Outside of her therapeutic work, Kara loves to spend time playing on a band with her husband, Jerry, a great guitarist. and now more recently enjoying walking the beautiful scenic routes of her homeplace in County Wexford.

Originally from Ireland, Kara has lived in the United States since 1997 up until 2020 when she returned home to bring what she has learned here, Including the Kryssage Method of Abdominal Therapy to the lovely people of Ireland!

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