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After Two Years Trying: Conception Achieved in Just Four Mayan Appointments

"I want women -- all women -- to know: Your doctor will confidently approach fertility from only one focus -- but there are so many other options. My doctor offered drugs, surgery -- and things just became complicated and so much worse. I felt awful. We go to these extremes -- and meanwhile, there's a natural, simple solution out there. What Krysia does is amazing."

-- Jenny Bui

Jenny and Chris Bui turned to Kryssage Wellness in the Fall of 2014 after trying for two years to conceive with medical assistance. Jenny was put on Clomid to stimulate ovulation, all the while feeling sick and uncomfortable from the medication. Then, doctors found a small fibroid, which they recommended removing through surgery. The couple knew deep down that there had to be other answers, and began to look into alternative treatments.

Jenny: "I found Kryssage by searching for natural fertility remedies online, and the explanation of Mayan Abdominal Therapy was so simple and made so much sense. I had a great feeling about the treatment, which only grew after meeting Krysia. She educated me during our first appointment on the connections between the systems in our body, and how we carry our emotions in our pelvic organs and uterus. My Mayan appointments included full body massages with a focus on the abdomen -- and after only four appointments, my husband and I just knew we were pregnant.

We conceived in January of 2015, and Will was born October 17th. Neither of us could ever express how grateful to Krysia we are. Her work is truly incredible, and we're forever thankful. I hesitate to say 'it was so easy', because the journey for us was long. But once I found Krysia, things were truly made simple, just falling into place. This was the right treatment for us, and I can't recommend it enough."

Jenny continued massage treatments to relieve stress postpartum, and she and Chris have again started Mayan Abdominal Therapy, prepping for Baby #2.

We are so excited for the couple and share in their happiness. Thank you, Chris and Jenny, for sharing your story! Baby Will is just amazing.

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