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Seeing you through! Pre-conception to Post-partum

Preparing your body for conception, be it naturally or as part of an assisted fertility program, we will do everything we can to give you the information you need to nourish your body.

A healthy diet, necessary supplements and tonics will be talked about.

We will provide the treatments to help you physically and mentally come into alignment and be ready for conception. Maya Abdominal therapy, Vaginal steam baths, Reflexology, Hormone Balancing treatments, Rife therapy, ionic foot baths, Detox treatments.

We will care for you through your pregnancy, emotionally and physically.....pregnancy massages (with the full attention of a compassionate ear), Abdominal Massage (after 20 weeks, so beneficial to baby and to you), foot massages, head massages, reiki energy therapy....and more.

Once baby is born, the next important thing to be done is to preserve your placenta, encapsulate it and supplement your own body, helping you recover from the 9 months of giving life to your little one.

And finally, coming full your body fall back into place, back into alignment with Maya Abdominal therapy.


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