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Preparing for IVF

Cleanse, Nurture and Nourish to prepare for IVF

World Wide, Abdominal Therapy is being used to prepare for conception

Cleansing the Uterus is such an important role of Abdominal Therapy.

Left over residue from previous menses (which is very common) hardens on the wall of the uterus, creating an uninviting environment for a newly fertilized egg. Maya helps to remove this old residue and combined with things like a Vaginal/Yoni Steam bath or Castor Oil Pack, this residue is very easy to release.

Maya Abdominal Therapy cleanses the whole pelvic area of toxins and excess hormones by increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage. The liver is also stimulated and its ability to remove unwanted toxins from the body by the introduction of fresh oxygenated blood to it. The same goes for the kidneys and bladder.