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Softball Sized Cyst Dissolved Through Mayan Abdominal Therapy

"Doctors told me that surgery was an urgent and only alternative for a large ovarian cyst. Two months later, after treatment at Kryssage, I had a clean ultra sound -- the cyst was gone without invasive surgery -- all through Mayan Abdominal Therapy.

Doctors also told me I would have great difficulty trying to conceive due to PCOS, endometriosis and pelvic adhesions. Now I have a beautiful 3- month old daughter."

Anne had undergone two previous abdominal surgeries when she arrived at Kryssage, each with results that compromised her health. A first laparoscopic surgery was done to remove pelvic adhesions, which caused abdominal pain and digestive issues -- but this surgery damaged her sciatic nerve, as well as nerves within her ribcage. The second surgery, done to remove a softball sized ovarian cyst from her abdomen, not only increased the scar tissue in her abdomen, but resulted in an accidental nick to her colon, releasing toxins into her system and causing serious illness.

Approximately a year after the later surgery, a second cyst formed on the ovary. By the time it was discovered, it had grown large enough that doctors considered surgery an only option, concerned that either the weight of the cyst would flip the ovary or that the cyst would burst.

"I was devastated, as my doctor was honest in telling me that he needed to perform this surgery to remove the cyst, but that he knew the surgery would leave me in worse shape: causing more scar tissue, digestive issues, and potentially doing more nerve damage. Plus, with every surgery, the risk of me being unable to conceive became greater and greater.

I was out for coffee in Geneva when I picked up a brochure for Kryssage's Mayan Abdominal Therapy. The text spoke of results with ovarian cysts and abdominal issues and, while I was skeptical, I was desperate to try anything to avoid surgery.

Having a strong love for Ireland ever since I visited, I immediately felt at home with Krysia and her beautiful accent. Krysia not only provides care, but she cares about you -- providing emotional support as well as the abdominal treatments. In less than two months, I was crying happy tears as baffled ultrasound techs announced that they could no longer see any sign of my large cyst. They considered this a miracle -- but I knew exactly who had achieved the results.

What's more? After believing for years that children may not be in the cards for me, my husband and I conceived almost immediately with the help of Krysia and Mayan Abdominal Therapy. If ever there was a miracle -- my daughter would be it. We're grateful everyday. Mayan Abdominal Therapy helps with SO many issues: digestion, fertility, chronic pain, scar tissue. I am SO glad I found Krysia -- and try to spread the word to as many as I can."

If you are struggling with any similar issues, we'd love to help! Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions about therapy or, to learn more, visit our blog on Mayan Abdominal Therapy by clicking here.

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